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My Web Site Philosophy

Websites should just work.  They should be as easy as possible.  They should look good.  WordPress websites help to accomplish these goals. Although the behind-the-scenes code can be quite technical, I like to keep sites clean and simple. Like a swan gliding on a pond, you shouldn’t be able to see how fast its feet are paddling.

My Customers

I create Websites for small businesses, not-for-profits, authors and artists, and anyone who wants a voice on the Internet. I love helping people get started.

Matching Your Needs

To make sure your site meets your needs, I sit down with you at the start for the discovery process, which is a series of questions to define your expectations and your intended audience.  Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers!  If you have a brand or are just developing it, I’ll strive to make your site reflect you and your goals.

Long Term Goals

I want to make your site as easy to maintain for you as possible.  After we have completed the initial set-up, I will sit with you on Skype or in person to show you how to use your site.  If we agree that I will maintain the back end of your site and update your content, then you can skip this step.

Claim Your Digital Space on the World Wide Web

Small businesses
Service organizations
Artists & authors

Getting Started

A website is your presence in Digital Space.  It’s a billboard on the Internet, a contact page, and your claim to legitimacy in the business world. Whether that business is in the arts, sciences, retail, education, or a service industry, your personalized site gives your customers, fans, and clients an easy place to find you, day or night.

Will my Website make increase my business?

Having a site does not mean that clients will start clamoring at your door. It takes relentless marketing, rigid search engine optimization, and integration with social media to turn your website into a money magnet.  Creating your own site is the first step.

WordPress Websites are easy.  WordPress is popular. More websites around the world use WordPress than any other platform. Using a content management system like WordPress, frees us from having to “reinvent the wheel” for each Web site.

What’s so great about being popular?

A widely used platform with millions of users has been tested–a lot. The various modules that are used with WordPress are more likely to be kept up to date by their developers.  Wordpress is arguably easier and more robust than other options because the software community is constantly working to improve it.

WordPress still requires some technical knowledge for the designer, but it’s light years ahead of the hand coding of the good old days. What’s even better is that authors and contributors don’t need much technical skill to write content directly in WordPress.

Building for future maintenance

Finally, if you have to change maintenance providers, you are much more likely to find someone who is familiar with WordPress than other platforms.

A website can cost between a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on how much information you have to display, how complex it is, and if you need writing and graphics assistance.

What About Free Sites?

Yes, you can create a site for free.  You can get a host (where your files sit), a domain (the URL of your Website), a content management platform (e.g., WordPress, Wix, or Weebly) all for free. Free sites have some limitations, but you can make a free site or blog look quite good.

If you are interested in picking up the skills to create your Web presence and brand, I encourage you to do so.  It is notrocket science.  But like any skill, it takes some time, and there are nuances that may need the assistance of an experienced professional.

How Valuable Is Your Time?

However, if you’d rather spend your precious time creating your art, writing your novel, or operating and expanding your business, then consider the services of a Web Designer.

For my base prices for a basic WordPress website, please see my price list.

Want to learn more about WordPress websites and websites in general?  Check out our Web 101 page.

Your Website is your claim to legitimacy in the the business world.

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