Wishsticks: Words of Whimsy to Wear and Share

What Do You Wish For?

What you focus on grows stronger.  Whatever is closest to your heart, capture it in hammered copper, adorned with a token to represent the object of your heart’s desire. Keep your  with this simple but elegant reminder on a Steampunk-inspired pendant, smartphone charm, or bookmark to help you focus–or if you just love ideas captured as words.

Read more about the project and process below the gallery.

About the Wishsticks Project

This jewelry project was a natural outgrowth of my love for language and my penchant for personal adornment. I had used focus words to help me stay on track with personal and professional goals. And I love words for their own sake–precious and constantly evolving bits of language that turn inner thoughts into tools of communication and self-expression.

The concept grew out of Lady Cordelia Cresswell’s Impeccable Inventions, which had expanded from stash boxes and purses to pins and pendants.  So Wishsticks started out with a Steampunk flavor. They are constructed from hammered copper, beads, repurposed paper, plastic, buttons, and bits from vintage costume jewelry. But I didn’t want to repeat the same meme’s I saw everywhere. So I started hammering out–literally–words to wear and share.

Which Wishes Would You Wish?

This project grew out of Lady Cordelia Cresswell’s Impeccable Inventions, so my pendants started out with a Steampunk flavor. I started asking people at art shows and farmers’ markets, “If you could some up in only one word what you wish for, what would it be.”  My list grew.  And grew.  Here’s a bit of what they told me–along with the standard mix of Love, Hope, and Peace.

Serenity Peace Revenge Health Baby Win Boss-level Time agility Minions Harmony Deliciousness Pirates Intrigue Passion Silence Trees Color Art Entropy VirusFree GuiltFree StressFree Debate Logic Reason Compassion Closure Help Laugh Perfection Shufflin’ Brains Forest Guts Fame Garden Simplicity Clarity Stamina No Fear Time BlueSkies Music Rain Pie Smile Pi Whimsy Fun Adventure Waves Whales Redemption Compensation Equality House Friends Bling Strength Hope Love Peace

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