Poplar Street Palm Tree Sculpture Restoration Project

Palm Tree Project Original Banner

Poplar Street in Azalea Park has been the target of local artists and neighbors for beautification for decades.  These metal palm trees originally stood in the convention center with dozens of others like them.  After being relocated as a group, they were later divided up when the 15 was extended south through City Heights.  Azalea Park received three of them.

All metal rusts, and these were no exception.  Although a few attempts were made to paint them, the environment degraded them to a rusty remnant of their original kitschy glory.  Then in 2004, I elected to restore and repaint them, using a special protective coating.  Mark Pennington beheaded the palm trees, so the tops could be removed to my back yard.

See the original project proposal.

Original state of the Palm Trees

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