Azalea Park Mosaic League Installations

In 2015, a group of artists banded together under the Pop Street Project to beautify several public points of interest that were prone to tagging. We chose glass and ceramic mosaics as an enduring kind of art that would resist paint and the elements over time. All the locations along Poplar Street, the main street of Azalea Park were divvied up among the group under the guidance of Vicki Leon, a glass artist whose studio is in Azalea Park.

The unifying theme of the project was a gallery display.  Each piece would have a black border and colored matte and reflect the individual style of the artist.  The only real rules were that no word art, common symbols, or controversial subjects would be displayed.

My particular project was created to grace the side of a concrete trash can cover at the corner of Columbine and Poplar.  Photos of the creative process are displayed below.


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