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Wish Sticks Close-upWhat do you truly want? What is important to you?Finality? Romance? Minions? Smooth Sailing? Revenge?  Wishsticks are copper pendants, available with a variety of neck chains or cell phone fobs to help you keep focused on your goal.  Improve your aura and your chances to reach your ultimate wish.

Wish Stick Portfolio

Click on the links below to see photos of some of the Wishsticks or go to the Diana Diehl Presents Portfolio to see a gallery of items.

  • Group 1: Fame, Guts, Revenge, Firefly, Stress-Free
  • Group 2: Revenge, Serenity, Baby
  • Group 3: Write, Word, Virus-Free, Win, Word (book)
  • Group 4: Firefly, Perfection, Shufflin’, Brains, Hug
  • Group 5: Whimsy, Minions, Publish, Silence
  • more being posted all the time


  • Copper pendant with vintage and costume charms
  • Ribbon, silk, or natural hemp cord
  • Copper link chain or ball chain available at small additional fee
Wish Sticks & My Wishsticks are trademarks of Diana Diehl Presents.If you’d like to purchase a Wish Stick that is not shown in our Etsy store, contact us directly at info at dianadiehlpresents dot com.   We’d love to hear your suggestions for wishes you’d like to see inscribed on a Lady Cordelia Wishstick.  Leave your favorite wish in the comments below.
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