Time Travel Clock

Greetings, Fellow Travelers of the Continuum,

Raise your hand if you’ve never made a mistake.

Thought so.

I think my fascination with time travel is the “what if” possibility of going back and fixing just one of the many life-defining mistakes I’ve made.  Forget changing huge chunks of history.  Just let me replace one “Oh, shit!” moment with something that had a better chance of a good outcome.

I’d like to try out other versions of the many universes.  Where the universes intersect is where sparks fly and colors meld.  But so far, I can’t do it, never mind what Lady Cordelia says.

My palliative has been to touch my toe into as many creative universes as I can.  The artists and writers you love probably have a style that you can identify.  A logical path and evolution.  Well, evolution stops here, or at least it’s the fits-and-bursts kind of evolution you might associate with a sudden glitch in the Van Allen belts or a solar storm that floods the earth with radiation.

That is, every once in a while, I try something completely new.  A lot.  No, I don’t have multiple personalities, but I play them in my mind.  Costumes, art forms, writing genres–they are all open to experimentation.

If you are one of the many wonderful people I have met at recent art shows, welcome back. I am pleased you decided to visit my nascent site. If you have purchased one of my art items, thank you! I hope you will enjoy viewing it or wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Each creation, each story starts in the subtle chemistry of the brain of the artist. The chemical differentials initiate electrical impulses that, in turn, change into kinetic energy to move muscles and bones for typing and sculpting.  Ultimately, those subtle impulses manifest as physical form.  You have held that form in your hands and viewed it with your eyes, generating an entirely new set of neural impulses in your own brain, to inspire, to please, to educate, to intrigue, to entertain, or to serve as a warning.  In tiny cul-de-sacs of your brain, memories are formed; emotions are invoked. Our universes, our brains, intersect in that invocation.  Ideas and images leap across space to occupy a new universe, your universe.

It’s magic.

To complete the exchange of universes, leave feedback or tell me about your travels in the Continuum:  info at dianadiehlpresents dot com.

With sparkle,

Diana Diehl a.k.a. Lady Cordelia Cresswell