There’s been a lot of chat about letting go lately. Disney certainly hit a chord with its latest princess theme.  I see heaps of wise words about release from attachment, grief, phobias, whatever, that would make a Zen Buddhist monk proud.  But I have a slightly different perspective.bumper stickers

I refuse to let go. I will hang on with my last shred of strength. I will persevere although it feels like every force in the universe is conspiring to tear me from those things, big and small, that make up who I am.

They say that attachment is the root of all pain. Then bring it on. I will stand like a bumper on an old VW bus covered with with every tiny thing of beauty or laughter that the winds of life have blown at me; every lesson learned with sweat and tears–and sometimes blood; every fear; every joy. I’m hanging on to them for dear life. Because eventually, I won’t be alive. I’ll have to let go. I’ll be dead. I won’t “pass” or move on or cross over. I’ll die and all things will fall from me with my last breath. Until then, I’m not letting go, nosireee. You can count on it.


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