Much Obliged

Much obliged!

My Day 0 assignment for Celestine Chua’s Gratitude Challengeis to start a journal. Does it belong here in my business blog? Perhaps not, since many of the things I might write here might not be suitable for public consumption. But I can mark it as private and make it personal, knowing nothing is foolproof on the Internet.

So, here it is, my Day Zero assignment, to create a journal. It is complete with categories and tags and ready to roll. I wanted to do paper, but I lose them, despite a collection of beautiful blank books and wonderful, handmade pens. I am a creature of technology.

So I decided to forego conventional prettiness, including butterflies, rainbows, unicorns, and yes, even bluebirds. I’ll engineer my gratitude the old-fashioned way, with gears and elbow grease, since that may just be what it will take to leverage my attitude.