Bohemian Market bannerNo, I’m not talking about the vacillations of the U.S. dollar.  I am pondering the other meaning of currency, specifically, the value of keeping Web sites current and up-to-date.  I was busily getting ready for an art show tomorrow, specifically The Bohemian Market.  It is a monthly congregation of independent vendors at Industry Showroom (345 6th Ave., Gaslamp District, downtown San Diego).  This little shop is already a collection of vendors, but once a month, on a Saturday, additional artists, fashionistas, and other creative types bring their wares and line up tables.

I’d been busily (dare I say frantically?) putting together my product. . .er. . .art for tomorrow’s soiree.  Having not received a response to my request to participate, I went to the site.  Yuppers, Saturday, October 29.  So I called the management.  Unfortunately, tomorrow’s market was cancelled.  The site still has the date (unless Rex updated it right after my call).  But, it’s not on.  Industry Showroom will be open, and I may even set up a table.  But my calendar on this site, as well as my Facebook personal page and my Diana Diehl Presents Facebook page are all incorrect (at least until I fix them).

I worked on Web site as Documentation Group and User Portals Lead at a supercomputer center, and I know how hard it is to keep everything up to date, so I have great sympathy for the management of Industrial Showroom.  Let this article serve as a reminder:  Self, keep things up to date! (Heaven forbid I should find “Coming Soon” announcements 3 years out of date as I did on our supercomputer site once.)  If you were planning to come, thank you.  I may be there, and I’d love to see you.  But you won’t find the usual eclectic gathering.  It looks like December (Saturday, Dec. 10) is a go, though.  Ho-ho-ho!

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