Muzeo, an art museum in the heart of Orange County, California, is presenting concurrent exhibitions: The Queen’s Gallery, authentic Victorian art from the collection of Dr. Howard and Linda Kohl, and Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination, a collection of biographical information and artifacts from the Victorian era’s greatest visionary writers, plus fashion, film props, and art work inspired by the literature that created the seeds of Steampunk.


Muzeo Victorian Art Exhibition

Step into the magic and splendor of The Queen’s Gallery, a remarkable exhibition of art from more than 400 pieces, which collectively weave together a story of artistic and literary triumphs and social and political upheaval. Paintings, walking sticks, weapons, personal objects of art, and rare books create a cultural landmark exhibition of Victorian art.  Read more about The Queen’s Gallery at MUZEO from October 15 – January 8, 2012.


“When you enter the world of Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination you enter a world where the future shakes hands with the past, and where humanity’s innovative Muzeo Steampunk Exhibitnature inspires future generations to do the impossible. Premiering at MUZEO, the exhibition is a fantastic and factual account of how the 19th Century’s inventive thinkers and writers launched mankind into the 20th Century – and beyond. . .” Read more about the Steampunk Art Exhibit at the Muzeo site. Opens October 15, 2011.

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