Sometimes, shoes just don’t cut the rug like you want them to.  Traditionally, shoes keep your feet warm and protect your soles from objects and pathogens on the ground.  But shouldn’t they do more?  Shouldn’t they put bounce in your spirit as well as your step?

Enter these customized, hand-painted shoes with a stream-of-consciousness nod to 60s op and pop art.  Both canvas and leather make perfect canvases, so  I hope to create Vans, Converse, and generic versions of this prototype.

This pair of Z-Coils were plain white and blue running shoes are fantastic for my knees and back, since they cushion the heel strike and provide excellent support and cushioning of the rest of the sole.  However, they were just too plain for my tastes, so I seldom wore them.  I have other Z-Coils, but I wanted to get my money’s worth out of these. My answer to anything most such situations is decoration.

I hope to do custom and one-of-a-kind orders and to start selling random sizes at art shows.  Until then, you’ll see me shuf-ufflin’ in these.

Brown Floral Divider