Don’t leave home on your next adventure without this handy invention: LADY CORDELIA CRESSWELL’S TIME LAG MODULATOR. Cordelia is ever mindful of finding ways to make exploration more civilized. It is not all glamour and heroism, as some writers might have you believe. If you’ve ever fallen victim to jet lag, then multiply that memory times one thousand, and you’ll have an idea how abominable the symptoms of Time LTime Travel Lag Modulatorag can be.

It’s terribly demoralizing to see a crack team of investigators brought to their knees, moaning and clutching their heads after a particularly long trip through time.

Never again suffer! With this easy-to-calibrate adjustment appliance, cleverly disguised as a simple costume jewelry pin, you’ll completely avoid any lag on your next travel through time. Simply adjust the rectifier towards positive when traveling forward in time and towards the negative when moving chronologically backward. That’s all there is to it.

This pin can attach to most durable fabrics suitable for exploring or to the strap of your TIME MACHINE KEY IMPRINTER or other gear and carry it close to your body.

>>> (Note from Diana: I was able to duplicate this invention from parts and plans Cordelia left at the drop [see profile for more]; however, this version has not been tested in actual time travel.)

>>> Note: any imperfections are part of the character of this objet d’ art. I have done my utmost to ameliorate any degeneration caused by time tampering and transmigration through multiple centuries.

>>> Contains small parts; not suitable for children

~~~ Put a little Steampunk in your day!

Time Travel Lag Modulator with scale


Brown Floral Divider