One must observe caution when traveling through the ages, but no time is more crucial than one’s return to your Time of Origin. During your explorations, the continuum may be subtly or grossly altered such that even your own identity may come into question.  This is the reason that Lady Cordelia invented the IDENTITY PRESERVATION STRONGBOX.  Any personal details that are Identity Preservation Strongboxvital to your personal identity are impervious to changes in history and may be viewed before leaving your Time Machine to ensure the integrity of your identity has been preserved during your sojourn.

The time stream is always vulnerable to the greedy and self-serving as well as to brash explorers who venture forth without a care for Preservation and Propriety.  Protect yourself with this essential Time Travel Accessory.

  • May be used as a personal calling card case
  • Collage: metal, plastic, paper, paint


Irretrievably lost in the time stream (SOLD)Identity Strongbox  inside



Brown Floral Divider