When traveling the ether or out on safari, safe conveyance is paramount. Modern methods of Emergency Buoyancy Enhancertravel depend on fluid dynamics, whether crossing the oceans on the latest steamship, continents on your favorite balloon or dirigible, or dimensions in the most fashionable time machine.  The vagaries of fate (or your nemesis) can strike any time. To avert disaster, Lady Cordelia’s devised this marvelous, portable safety device, which will give you time to find safe harbor when assaulted by storms, time eddies, or projectiles.

Use only in emergencies; not to be used for adjusting altitude over long periods of time.

Any imperfections are part of the character of this objet d’ art. I have done my utmost to ameliorate any degeneration caused by time tampering and transmigration through multiple centuries.

  • Comes with shoulder chain
  • May be used to hold wallet, sunglasses
  • Copper, brass, unknown alloy

Brown Floral Divider