It’s terribly inconvenient to be caught without enough Time Machine Oil in some century and no raw materials or industry to resupply your stock.  As we all know, Time Machines can be quite thirsty when pushed past a few millennia, especially when making sequential voyages with overlapping time periods.Box: Miniaturized Time Machine Oil Distillery

Traditionally, expeditions were forced to pack large quantities of Time Machine Oil or to cut short important expeditions, often at crucial moments.  During seasons of the heaviest demand, the Royal Distillery cannot keep up.

Lady Cordelia was determined to find a better methodology.  Her recent experiments with optimization and miniaturization of components has allowed her to reduce the size of the physical plant from the dimensions of a horse barn to the size of a small ladies handbag–with room to store ample raw materials.  Ever with an eye to efficiency, Lady Cordelia modified the distillation process to allow this miniaturized mechanism to utilize almost any horticultural source of oils. Output is still modest, but it is guaranteed to bridge any crisis that Time, Fate, or Evil Nemeses can place in your path.

  • Carrying chain attached
  • May be used as wall art, purse, or storage box; imagine this on your mantle or featured against a stunning little black dress
  • Multi-media collage: brass, glass, wood, various re-purposed items

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