Keeping track of parallel universes and alternate realities is a snap with Lady C’s continuum tracker.  Time travel is fraught with complexity.  Although your Time Machine is probably equipped with a multiple universe transmogrifier, once history Invention #2: Dimensional Continuum Trackerediting takes place, errors can multiply, completely overwhelming even the most up-to-date systems. This is where the DCT shines.  It does one and only one thing: keeps track of your personal timeline so you can be sure that when you return to hearth and home after a long adventure, that you’ve returned to the right timeline.

DCT constantly monitors the cosmic data stream, querying it for inconstancies. The mathematics is daunting, but the end result is elegant: if 4-2 does not equal 2, DCT issues an immediate alarm and delivers a corrected Brownston-Kerryman constant to your Time Machine. No more wondering if Mama will remember you or if your estate will still exist when you return home.

  • May be used as a purse, storage box, or wall hanging
  • Comes with attached chain and felt lining
  • Dimensions:
  • Wood, paper, copper wire, brass, clock parts

Any imperfections are part of the character of this objet d’ art. I have done my utmost to ameliorate any degeneration caused by time tampering and transmigration through multiple centuries.  Lady Cordelia explicitly denies any responsibility for ending in an undesired time stream because the purchaser elects to switch the machine on and off “just to see what it does.”