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Misho of the Mountain Book Cover

Misho of the Mountain ™

A read-aloud adventure
in five parts

Lavishly illustrated
Early chapter book
Ages 5-9


White Storm on Vimeo

White Storm Saga, the Movie

A Full-Length, Science Fiction Movie
by Filmpaint, inc

Screenplay by Diana Diehl

Watch the trailer >>

Web Design

WordPress Web Sites
You Can Afford

Azalea Park Mosaic League

“Marine Layer”
by Diana Diehl

Lady Cordelia Cresswell's Impeccable Inventions

The Lost Journals
& Modularized Time Machine Components
of Lady C
Mixed Media Art with a Steampunk Flavor


by Diana Diehl

Metal, Ceramic, Acrylics, Mixed Media
And Shoe Art

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Words of Whimsy

to Wear & Share

 See the collection >>

Palm Tree Installation Before

Azalea Park Palm Tree Restoration

A Community Project
of Public Art
Bringing Color
to City Heights

See before & after >>


Playful Personal
Performance Art

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Nidaba, Sumerian Goddess of Writing

Nidaba Press

Self-Publishing Imprint
Sumerian Muse

Eclectic Tastes in a World of Specialization

Society admires focus. It expects us to narrow our vision to the nitty gritty of a single profession or avocation. And, oh, how it loves labels and pigeonholes.  Abrupt or frequent changes in career are frowned upon.  We must be One Thing.

Eclectics, Polymaths, and Society

Those who change paths and sample a wide range of experiences often hover at the fringes.  Only in historical perspective do we honor the  “Renaissance Man” and then only when genius and good fortune have brought them long standing fame. Da Vinci may be revered, but woe be to the everyday eclectic.

Who Dares to Walk Many Paths?

Eclectics dare ask: why be just one thing when the world is a smorgasbord of inspiration, a playground of possibilities?

Origins of the Word

The word “eclectic” came from the Greek word for “select.” Those ancient philosophers who selected such doctrines as they wished from various schools, instead of adhering to one school did not fit into a neat pigeonhole. So one had to be created for them. “Eclectic” became the umbrella label to encompass all those who embrace the miscellaneous and the sundry.

A Fanciful Mix

With that background in mind, welcome to my mix of activities and creations. 


 “Hard by, the central slab is thick with books
Diverse, but which the true eclectic mind
Knows how to group, and gather out of each
Their frequent wisdoms….”

– Arthur Joseph Munby